1.1 - Intent



EIFS This section includes requirements for polymer modified exterior insulated finish system (PM EIFS) and polymer based exterior insulation and finish system (PB EIFS). Both incorporate a cavity layer at the outside face of the assembly. (See Details)



The RainScreen (both PM and PB EIFS) consists of a composite wall exterior insulation and finish system consisting of rigid insulation, cavity form, fasteners, reinforcing mesh, galvanized metal grounds and trims, thick cementitious base coat, and finish coat.



Conventional stucco (See Details)



2.1 - Materials




RainScreen Cavity Board: Expanded polystyrene (EPS) conforming to ULC S701, Type 1, RSI 0.73/25 mm (R 3.75/1”), 50 mm (2”) thickness x 610 mm (24”) x 1220 mm (48”), O/C and wire cut to form a network of nubs sloped for drainage:

Acceptable material: Stucco RainScreen Panel™ as manufactured by Korax Technologies Inc.
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3.1 - Installation




Insulation board:

Vertical surfaces: Begin at base from firm, permanent or temporary support.

Apply horizontally in a running bond.

Pre-cut insulation board to fit openings, projections. Insulation board must be a single piece around corners of openings. Stagger vertical joints and corners. Stagger insulation and sheathing board joints. Do not align insulation joints with corners of openings.


Apply insulation board with mechanical fasteners to suit substrate; achieve preliminary attachment by applying two mechanical fasteners through insulation board and into the framing or masonry 305 mm (12”) up from bottom of insulation board and 406 mm (16”) from each end.

Apply Stucco RainScreen Panel™ System horizontally and offset from primary insulation board joints; mechanically fastened through at nub locations using final fastener attachment pattern and spacing as recommended by EIFS manufacturer for type of substrate Install Stucco RainScreen Panel™ System so that the row of Registration holes are positioned on the top face.

DO NOT remove screws that miss the stud, place second screw in corrected location and align remainder of screws with correct location.

Abut all joints tightly and ensure overall flush level surface. Cut slivers of insulation board and fit into gaps between insulation boards.

Apply glass fibre mesh over insulation board with overlap at edges; wrap sides and tops in accordance with EIFS manufacturer’s standard installation instructions; secure through insulation in accordance with EIFS manufacturer’s written instructions.



SPEC NOTE: PB EIFS relates to what is commonly called “thin coat” stucco systems and PM EIFS relates to “thick coat” stucco systems



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